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Who Is Racquel Deeds & Good Deeds ?

Q: What Is Your Name & Social Media?

A: Racquel Deeds, @racqueldeeds (twitter and Ig )

Q: What Is The Name Of Your Business Social Media @’s?

A : @_Gooddeeds

Q: What Type Of Business Is It That You Run?

A: PR , Photography & Events = Creative House

Q: When Did You Start Your Business?

A: September 18, 2016

Q: What’s The Inspiration Behind Your Business ?

A: The inspo behind Good Deeds started off with me helping friends in their businesses. I created media layouts , putting together events and taking pictures around campus ( Florida A&M University) it brought me joy seeing my friends happy about my work; it felt good. Doing the projects for them , were deeds… GOOD DEEDS.

Q: What Are Some Of The Perks Of Owning Your Own Business?

A: Perks of creating this business is the fact I’m doing what I love . At times it’s not always about the money but how far I can really challenge myself.

Q: What Are Some Of The Struggles You Have Endured While Owning Your Own Business?

A: The struggle that I’m currently having is quitting my 9-5 . The plan is to have my business thriving by the end of this year so I can quit my job. All I have to do is trust the process.

Q: What Is One Piece Of Advice You Would Give A Fellow Business Minded Individual Like Yourself?

A: It’s important to stay organized, be yourself and don’t let any one down grade your talent. You know your worth , so charge it.

By: Malaja Dior (@IAmMalajaDior)

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