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The SOCIETY Fashion Week unveils custom Mobile App!

August 27th, 2019- New York, NY– The SOCIETY is a globally renowned fashion company and one of the largest brands within PLATOON Entertainment’s scope of events and productions. Coming onto the scene producing events in the world’s most competitive markets such as New York FashionWeek, Los Angeles Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Paris FashionWeek, Miami Swim Week, Greenville Fashion Week, and more!

The SOCIETY quickly took the FashionIndustry by storm and continually resets the bar that all other shows aim to live to. The SOCIETY has since grown into an internationally acclaimed FashionExperience that was one of the first Fashion Week productions that put an immense focus on making FashionWeek’s an inclusive experience for all, by bringing outside patrons, while transforming an industry known for B2B (business to business) interactions into a heavy B2C (business to customer) experience.

In addition with their worldwide experience in Live Entertainment Production, they have completely remodeled the business format, being the only large scale FashionProduction Company to keep their entire Event Production in-house.

Today in an effort to continue our path in revolutionizing the fashion industry, in addition to expanding our mission statement of creating an open, highly inclusive environment, we have released our custom Mobile App through both the Apple App Store, and Google Play.

Through exhaustive market research, our team has compiled nearly every feature list industry executives, fashiondesigners, buyers, as well as the general public stated they wished existed.

Within this highly technological mobile app, no matter where an individual is in the world, they will be able to not only watch every single show, but also purchase clothing straight off the runway.

In addition, the measure of connectivity within the mobile app for all of our shows will create a much greater experience level when planning travel through our customized platform, with the ability to book travel packaged through payment plans, exclusive ticket offers, as well as opportunities to join one of our many shows as either a Fashion Designer, Press + Media, Buyer, and more.

Download The App Here


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