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Passion Is The Theme of Rick Ross’ CRWN Interview

After the release of Port of Miami 2, popular Miami rapper Rick Ross sits down with Rap Radar creator Elliott Wilson for CRWN, an exclusive Q&A produced by Tidal. Seats in the Gramercy theatre were filled with eager fans and industry executives ready to catch up with Ross on a deeper level. As he made his way to the stage, the house greeted Ross with claps, screams, and a favorable “Yerrr” from NY participants. In the 90 minute sit-down, Rozay discusses his unwavering passion for music, his vision, his career growth, and pivotal moments that have shaped his views on life.

After releasing his album on August 9th, featuring stars like Drake, Meek Mill, Summer WalkerNipsey HussleWale and more, Rick Ross shares a more in-depth commentary on how the project evolved. After the release of 10 albums and developing an extensive collection of popular mixtapes and singles, Ross’ love for music has only multiplied over the years. He states how deep his music commitment is by saying “I’m never too cool to get into the studio.” In the beginning of the interview, Ross mentions his drive to be the best and the feeling that shadowed his career, back when his hit track “Hustlin” was just an instrumental with a verse. He recalls opening up for fellow Miami rapper Trina and the look he received from a fan while performing the track.

“I just remember this one dude… He looked at me in a way I have never been stared at by anyone in the crowd and I knew…“Hustlin” was the record. I just said I gotta execute, finish this and put it on the streets.

Rick Ross Tidal x CRWN

Elliott and Rozay take a deeper dive into “Bogus Charms” featuring Meek Mill, one track Elliott believed had a deeper message behind. Rozay obliged with a response.

“Just being in the game…it feels like it’s really easy to be an over-night [success] but this ain’t nothing you want overnight. You walk around seeing a lot of bogus shit. Meek is a great example of a great soldier. Because in life, you will be tested in different ways…wanting to be at the top, wanting to be number one and I think Meek is a great example of that.” 

Rick Ross x Elliot Wilson : Tidal x CRWN

The two casually reviewed tracks like “Act a Fool”, “BIG TYME”, “Vegas Residency” and “Rich N*** Lifestyle”, and as time progressed, the conversation transitioned to the topic of loyalty among Ross and his peers. Soon after, the dialogue diverted into Ross’ desire to help disband the long-time squabbles amongst his favorite musical acts and the creation of his ultimate dream record involving Wayne, Kanye, Drake, Pusha T and himself. That’s a record many would like to hear, but would these big acts have the ability to settle their differences long enough to let the magic out in the music? Only time will tell.

As Elliott invites the audience to ask their questions, the crowd erupts in chants in an attempt to get chosen by someone on stage. Questions surrounding investing in tech, being an underdog and self-motivation, Ross shared a few words with the room.

“Anytime you want to go get some money, anytime you want to do something big, you will be challenged.” 

Rick Ross Tidal x Crwn

Over the years, Rick Ross has faced adversity but has found a new sense of confidence in his ability to reach his fan base and expand his influence. The full CRWN interview is available on Tidal, where subscribers can discover more about the Miami rapper. Topics like discovering his personal top 5 album releases, upcoming book, new endorsements, words of encouragement and more. 

Port of Miami 2 is available on all digital streaming platforms.

Article Written By: Shenelle

Photos By : Steve E


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