Tracee Ellis Ross To Star & Executive Produce “Jodie”

Tracee Ellis Ross is very excited to announce her next move. The “Black-ish” star is set to star  & executive produce a spin-off series titled “Jodie”, from MTV’s hit television show “Daria”.  Originally the show was going to be titled “Daria & Jodie“.

According to Variety, the reinvention is a new spin-off/sequel focusing primarily on Jodie Landon, who is all grown up and working her first post-college job. Consider this history in the making as the new series will be the first adult animated show in nearly 20 years to star a black woman! Jodie will be “full of commentary about everything from gentrification to sex to tech to call-out culture.” You can thank Grace Nkenge Edwards, who, according to Vulture, she will also be the show’s head writer! 

Ross stated via social media, that she is honored to be a part of this because she is able to voice a “fresh, feminist and unexplored stories of young women.” The show will feature guest appearances from the original “Daria” cast members. Ross promises to keep the cast full of diversity. The cast will be filled with “unapologetically smart, & ambitious young female characters who are vulnerable and flawed and interesting and funny.”

Although there is no official release date, “Jodie” is just the first of many spins offs to come based on the characters from “Daria.”

Written By Malaja Dior (@IAmMalajaDior)

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