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Kay Makavel : Conscious Rapper & Future Activist

Rawness and realness are just a few words to describe this Bronx native. Kay Makavel is changing the game with her authenticity in her music and her just being herself. Kay’s natural aura and her talents make her stand out of crowd as it is, but her lyrics and words set her apart. She grew up the youngest of three boys, which made her grow a tough skin and a tom boy aura but don’t think for a second she won’t switch up.

Kay learned to write poetry in the second grade and did not drop the pen since. Although she went through tragedy in the lost of her brother, she turned that tragedy into poems which turned into music. Her upbringing and past experiences has made her who she is today.

Kay is currently a college student, and takes her education seriously. Kay explains how education is important to her but “it’s only important and useful when you can relate.” She talks about changing the game by becoming an activist, giving back to the youth and bringing a new aspect to the education system. She says “before anything I am a activist” and through her passion of activism and no profits, she can definitely changed the game in a positive way.

Kay Makavel has a mixtape coming out this summer called ‘The Minute Mixtape: Gone In Sixty Seconds’. She also has a song out called ‘Notoriety’ featuring Starmade Day which is available on all music sites. She will also be on a Netflix series ‘Rhythm and Flow’ that will be released this fall so stay tuned in !

Artist : Kay Makavel @dipset_

Written by: Bree B. @breeb._

#LKBconnected #LKBapproved


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