Raz-B Drops From Millenial Tour & Hours Later Reclaims His Position Back.

As you may already know The Millennium Tour is in full effect. With only 3 stops under their belt founding member De’Mario ”RazB” Monte Thornton took to Instagram to announce that he will be officially dropping himself off of the remaining stops of the tour. Raz dropped himself from the your after learning that his former manager / producer Chris Stokes was back in the picture to claim his throne back with the former boy band.

If you can remember, years after the boy band went their separate ways Raz B made claims on Charlemagne The God’s show making claims that Stokes allegedly sexually abused the boys as they were coming up in the industry. He also claimed that Bow Wow now known as Shad Miss & Marques Houston former member of Imature, used to partake in the sexual abuse as well.

During an episode of Life After B2K: Reality Show Lil Fizz & JBogg got into a heated argument about the allegations that RazB made public putting the rest of B2K into the spotlight. The group clearly didn’t want information to of the sorts to be aired out as such.

Following the Life After B2K drama, Raz B went under the radar. Raz B went to Asia & started living his ever so best life as a solo artist & growing entrepreneur. He started his own premium vodka company ”Infina Vodka”.

Year’s later the former B2K member went on to VLad Tv to give details on the alleged sexual abuse he endured during his time with his group mates Omarion, JBoog, & Lil Fizz.

Where does that leave B2K and The Millennium Tour, As of right now Raz has respectfully reclaimed his spot on the tour & the show must go on.

Written By Malaja Dior ( @IAmMalajaDior )

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