Who Is Txny Warren?

Growing up hasn’t always been easy for Txny Warren, being surrounded by violence & drugs in the streets of Champagne, Illinois. Warren found his calling for music. His musical influence doesn’t just carry over to one realm of music, it ranges from artist like Future from Atlanta to Kendrick Lamar From Chicago even Mid Western rapper Dave Coresh.

Txny lets his creativity & vocal rage take charge to dominate the hip hop industry. He doesn’t like to be put in the box when it comes to his artistry. Warren isn’t one to shy away from trying something new when it comes to his music. Warren’s list of features & co-signs is pretty extensive, he’s been able to work with people like Fabo from D4L, Gunna, Joe Gifted, Mango Foo of QC, Trippe Red, Uncle Murda, XXXtentacion, YNW Melly, Young Thug & More

Txny prides himself for telling his story through his music. He wants to inspire his fans when it comes to his music. He lends his creative influence to the teachings of activist Malcolm X. Warrens music illustrates the nonistagic era in hip hop. Since coming into the industry has Txny Warren joined forces with musical guru Paul “Billy Wiz” Johnson, CEO of We In The Zone Records, signing a production and management contract.

Written By Malaja Dior (@IAmMalajaDior)

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