Sheila Carlito Premiers His Newest Single “Girlfriend”

Bronx Native singer/Songwriter, Sheila Carlito premieres the official video to his single “Girlfriend” via All Online streaming Platforms. Sheila’s natural flow rides the production by the Phenomenally talented Producer JHNHUNTER.

“Girlfriend, a bit outside of the usual Sheila Carlito warmth,” Says Carlito, “it’s a vibe to coast to. Speaking on the relationships girls have with their girlfriends”, Sheila expresses his jealousy and how he wishes he got the same love and attention. “As a man, it can be hard to understand and accept the way women rightfully express themselves through freedom and sexuality within the comfort of their friends.

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This Friday, new music + video. GIRLFRIEND.

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Especially when it’s your girlfriend in question. It takes trust, respect, and realizing our individual nature to remove yourself, and truly appreciate the strong, sexy, and powerful women we’re blessed to have by our sides.”

Born and raised in Bronx, New York, Sheila Carlito came from a family that had a few obstacles, some centered around Divorce which filtered out the way he views life in a certain light. “I struggle every day with trying to view things for what they are and having the same empathy and grace that God has for me,” Carlito says.

Growing up in New York with separated parents was difficult, but he managed to overlook and discover the arts where he could find comfort and a group of misfits by the name of “Feed The Rabbit” who would understand his passion for music and performing.

Pure determination led Sheila to sign a Publishing Deal with Roc Nation where he’s able to write for other recording artists while still delivering us pure vibes and bops while working aside JHNHunter who produces everything Carlito releases, Including his last release “When A Flower Dies, It Never Feels Afraid”.

Sheila earned coverage on SingersRoom and VENTS Magazine, Then went on to be featured in Elevator Magazine, Headlining all over New York City through MajorSTAGE and touring across Los Angeles to perform his sultry acoustic sets. Sheilas music has been able to open up doors for him to collaborate with musicians/producers such as Audubon, Sindrum, Joe Craze & Feed The Rabbit.

In 2019 you can expect a lot more Music from Sheila Carlito including a New Album and some more visuals with messages to feed your soul.

Written By: Malaja Dior (@IAmMalajaDior)

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