Artist Rising Artist

Vibes Speak Louder Than Words

With a burning passion from the tender age of 11 years old, Ique has never been one to put himself in the category of just a rapper. He considers himself to be an artist. Ique is one to always step outside of the box when it comes to his art of music. With inspirations coming from Travis Greene, India Arie, & Bruno Mars his diverse flow & heartfelt lyrics you could call him the “Jack Of All Trades”. Being recognized by many & having the opportunity to open for artist such as Brooklyn OG Fabulous at Lincoln University in 2015 & streaming hitting for over 15,000 for his debut mixtapes on DattPiff.

       Ique doesn’t like to box himself when it comes to the industry. Ique started him own brand IqueMusiq back in 2013. Thus came the creation of his slogans “I’m not a rapper, I’m an artist” & “Too Gifted to be broke”. Since the rise of his company has been able to branch out to 20 different venues just in 2018 alone. Ique is currently in the studio cooking up some new heat for his new album “Ique” in partnership with “Your Voice Music Label”. Ique wants to continue to spread love, peace, & harmony across the world.

  While we wait for his album to drop you can catch his latest sing “Vibe” out now on all streaming platforms.

Written By: Malaja Dior // @Realmalajadior_

#LKBConnected #LKBApproved


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