Cardi B Snags Her First Residency In Las Vegas

Bronx born rapper Cardi B is the true definition of a glow up. She went from Stripping, Love & Hip Hops Break Out Star, to Performing At The Grammys, To The Number One Album, To Becoming A New Mom, this list can go on forever. The Bodack Yellow rapper can officially cross off the list “Residency”.

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The rapper took to Instagram to announce she has a residency in Las Vegas. What exactly does that mean for Cardi B? Cardi be will be set to perform in Palms Casino Resort in the spring of 2019. She will be among many other artists such as G-EAZY, Kaskade and Skrillex who have locked in at KAOS, a day club, and nightclub amphitheater-style complex.  KOAS is coming equipped withstate-of-the-art technology designed to enhance performances including a rotating 360-degree DJ booth

What Else Does 2019 Have In Store For Cardi? Well, Youll Just Have To See To Find Out.

Written By Malaja Dior // @Realmalajadior_

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