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Harlem World is on the rise for the new year. Born and raised in New York Fergie Baby‘s talent is beyond undeniable. His latest project “Street Code” is going down is making the streets go crazy in just two days of airplay.

In this visual, you get to take a look into the emotional, artistic, & realistic side of Fergie. Street Code starts off with Fergie & his boy in the crib talking about the recent Lakers game & money. Unlike, many music videos which are usually all about the glitter and the glam, Fergie decides to show his listeners the reality which many live in, but always try to cover up.

With various settings, it all boils down to one thing, those who live by the street have no choice but to respect the Street Code! It allows his fans who have never experienced the street life to get an inside look at the lifestyle. As for the fans who have suffered from the street Fergie can connect his fans in a more personal way.

Fergie Baby had a clear vision for his project & that is precisely what we got. He wanted to show his fans what is the “Street Code.”

Written By: Malaja Dior // @RealMalajaDior_

Publicist: Jasmine Jones/@JJ_PublicRelations

#LKBConnected #LKBApproved



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