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2019 is without a doubt in my mind the year of grinding, hard work and dedication. With only 16 days into the new year, DJ Duffey has proved this year is her year. She kicked off the new year by starting her very own entertainment company “Duffey Entertainment.”

Duffey Entertainment was created to help talented individuals elevate their music, network and curate brands. If it’s trying to find a dope beat for their next single, trying to get some radio play or to be your biggest hypeman DJ Duffey is there to help. To prove to the world she has what it takes Duffy Entertainment, has officially signed their first artist Malcolm King.

Born Malcolm Saunders in Fort Worth, Texas always knew what it was to hustle hard & grind. King soon found him & his family relocating to Arlington Texas due to a house fire at the age of 4. At the age of 12, King discovered his passion for music and began writing music. King says he’s heavily influenced by artists such as Gucci Mane, Drake, & Kodak Black.

It wasn’t until he turned 24 when he turned his love for music serious & started to perfect his craft. A Lot of his lyrics are inspired by his everyday life & past relationships. King takes southern charm, witty lyrics & smooth flow & titles himself the “Ladies Man.”

Malcolm King’s highly anticipated self-titled mixtape is set to be released on Martin Luther King Day. 

“Malcolm King” Track List

1. Wop

2. I’m still poppin

3. Coco Chanel

4. Fuk it up

5. Money shot

6. Run it up

7. Losses

8. Understand me

9. Mufkn hustla

10. Lit

11. 3 point stance

12. King SZN

13. Diamonds Dancing

Be sure to follow Malcolm King (@MalcolmKing_444) on Instagram !

Written By

Malaja Dior // @Realmalajadior_

#LKBConnected #LKBApproved

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Shemira Thomas // Immense Public Relations LLC. //


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