Business Podcast

New Media Platform “Play Your Cards Right”

“Just remember that life ain’t nothing but a game. A gamble, and how you play yo hand will sho’ explain” ―​ Tupac 

In today’s society interviews are so formal and carefully conducted. There’s a new media platform hitting the streets and INTERNET to give artists, entrepreneurs, and socialites the chance to engage in thought-provoking conversation, inspire through storytelling and express their opinions using an engaging unique FUN-FILLED approach. 

Play Your Cards Right ​ ​series’ mission is to invoke change and action in a culture leading the world by influence, music, fashion, persona, and entertainment.  ​PYCR  ​is a judgment-free zone where the host and guests can express themselves freely to educate, inspire, and motivate the audience. 

About The Presenter

Destini,​East Harlem Native, is a thriving Momtrepreneur who has solidified herself as a writer, songwriter, artist, and innovator. In addition to her resume, she created “Play Your Cards Right”

(The Platform to Empower) to collaborate with accomplished/aspiring influencers, movers/shakers, artists and entrepreneurs to infiltrate and influence OUR culture. 

If you’re an “Artist”, “Dj”, “Taste-maker”, “Designer”, “Influencer”, “Entrepreneur”, or working on a project that needs exposure for the right demographics, ​PYCR​ is the perfect show to enhance your brand and message.  Email ( to inquire about conversation slots.

Please VISIT/FOLLOW the PRESENTER/CURATOR of Play Your Cards Right “Destini” on her website IAMURDESTINI.COM​​& social media platforms:

 Instagram → @playyourcardsright_ & @iamurdestini

 Snapchat   → Iamurdestini

 Facebook → Destini Belton and PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT

By Malaja Dior

@Realmalajadior_ / @Malajadiortv

#LKBConnected #LKBApproved


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