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K Goddess Drop Newest Single Execution

2019 just might be the “Year Of The Goddess”, Brooklyn MC K Goddess is back with another hit. This time around she dropped her latest single “Execution”.

K Goddess “Execution”

Since releasing her rendition of ” Crack Commandments” by Biggie Smalls, this Goddess has been putting her foot heavy on the public’s necks. She’s been putting in her work by dropping new music after new music. She Announced her EP will be dropping soon & I know for a fact it will be nothing less than perfection.

Recently the former bartender gave her fans an inside journey of body enhancements. We were able to see the real & the raw of the healing process of cosmetic surgery. One of the reasons K Goddess has gotten the attention of the public is the authenticity she brings to the table. She doesn’t sugar coat nothing. She showed the world her most vulnerable side bruised up & all didn’t let that stop her from grinding.

I Promise You K Goddess Is The One To Watch Out For.

Written By Malaja Dior


#LKBConnected #LKBApproved


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