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DoeLeeWu Puts Harlem On The Map

Straight out of East Harlem,  New York rap duo DoeLeeWu presented the media and friends around the first hear of their up & coming mixtape “In 2 Deep“.  Let’s Keep it a Buck had the opportunity to be one of the first to hear the hard work & dedication that is soon to be released into the world. 

The Artist: DoeLeeWu

If you aren’t already in tune with Doe Lee Wu, let us break it down to you. Doe Lee Wu is made up of Harlem Breed rappers D-Cash & Rich Relly.  The two have been spitting metaphoric bars that they bring to the table. They are widely known for the unique sounds they have caught the attention of respected rappers Dave East & Nino Man.  

The group name comes in memory of longtime friends of the artist’s friends. DoeLeeWu has gained the much-needed respect from their hometown of Harlem New York (Trust me when I say, This isn’t easy to come by at all)  to dominate the rap industry & take it by storm.  Some compare the passion & bond of Rich Relly & D-Cash to Jadakiss & Styles P

The Event 

Curated and brought to the public by JJ Public Relations, You could tell just by walking into the venue that there was nothing but love & Support for DoeLeeWu. The had a tone of friends, Family, & media surround The Venue. Everyone on essensia & spiked while Diva Hosted the evening’s event. Harlem rising stars Neek Bucks, Vina Love, Ray Mula, Fergie Baby, A$AP Ty & More stopped by to show their love & support to the duo. It was no surprise that DoeLeeWu had the crowd knew the lyrics to every track. DoeLeeWu & JJ Public Relations CAME, CONQUERED, & SHUT SHIT DOWN ! ! The event one of the dopest events I’ve been to in a very long time. 

Written By Malaja Dior 


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