Teyana Taylor Said Your “Gonna Love Me”

Earlier Friday afternoon, Harlem’s very own princess Teyana Taylor debuted the self-directed visual for her latest single, “Gonna Love Me (Wu-Mix)“. GLM came from her latest project Keep The Same Energy, that was released back in June. 

The Wu-Mix features the 3 original members for the Wu-Tang ClanGhostface Killah, Raekwon and Method Man. All but Raekwon made an appearance in the video. The visual takes you through the relationship between Ghostface & Teyana as they struggle through infidelities in their relationship. The visual starts off with Ghost spitting his verse with reminiscences of happier times in their relationship. As Teyana exits the Harlem building she bumps into Method Man & continues into her verse. Raekwon takes the mic as the 3 are all in a basement party while Ghost & T are leading to their final argument. 

Last month Teyana debuted a video for the original version “Gonna Love Me” which showcases an intimate look inside of Teyana Taylor’s life. Throughout the video they captured moments including her Wedding, meeting her idol Janet Jackson. We even got a few cameos from Lil Miss. Junie.

  Written By Malaja Dior 


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