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Mike Classic Drops New EP

Mike Classic1
Hailing from Queens, NY, the up and coming rapper, Mike Classic drops a new EP that rips the barriers of contemporary genres and quenches the thirst for new music with a flare. Mike Classic, who recently debuted his acting chops in the Nexflix’s feature film ‘Roxanne Roxanne,’ shares his newly released EP project titled If Only You Knew. The seven track project is one I’ve personally grown to love and I don’t say that to be a band-wagoner. It’s legit a dope ass project!
Well produced and filled with musical range, Mike does an excellent job of highlighting his skill set by displaying a different part of his artistry in each song. Mike’s versatility as an artist shows you exactly why trying to define his music by calling out just one genre would be unjust.
Some of the highlights of this project come from the subtle yet not so subtle tracks like Stay” and “What A Feeling.” Other tracks were different in ways I couldn’t stop replaying. For example, “Mixin” is one track you’ll just have to turn on and turn up. Best and most interesting part of this track is the eclectic beat switch that occurs at the end. You’ll have to listen all the way through to catch it!
Tune in as Mike breaks down the real in “Insecurities,” which features notable lines like “They say that love don’t cost a thing, yes it does, time! Girl I won’t waste yours if you don’t waste mine.” Well damn, it’s hard not to jam out as you get sips of truth serum throughout the track! “Talk To Me Nice” is a chilling look behind the scenes to Mike’s life and more specifically, his grind. Baring face to his challenges, his reality, and what he’s ready to do to level up, this joint serves an almost perfect ending to the 2018 project. Grab a seat and listen up to If Only You Knew, below and available on all streaming platforms.

Written by: @shebytheway

Twitter: @btwshebuzz


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