Thank You, Next

After teasing the world with behind these scenes footage of her newest single Ariana Grande finally drops what we have all be waiting for. Grande pays homage to iconic early 2000’s movies in her latest visual for Thank You, Next.

The video comes equipt with scenes of Ari portraying the original mean girl “Regina George” from “Mean Girls“,  the ever so iconic “Elle Woods” from “Legally Blonde“, the preppy “Torrance Shipman” from “Bring It On” & who could forget “Jenna Rink” from “13 Going On 30“. Grande was even able to get a couple of cameos from “Kris Jenner” who played the role of Regina George’s Mom & the ever so beautiful “Jonathan Bennet” who played the original boy next door “Aaron Samuels”. There were also guest appearances from Grande’s former Victorious co-stars Matt Bennett and Victoria Monet. Also, how could you forget the Iconic “Bend & Snap” power play move brought to you by Ari & Jennifer Coolidge. 

” Thank You, Next “, which has been sitting pretty on the Billboard Top 100 Charts for the past 3 weeks comes shortly after the break up with her ex-fiance Pete Davidson & the recent passing of Mac Miller. Ari has given us all the feels of the 2000’s era & bringing us a bit back. Matter fact let me go get caught up on my “Bend & Snap”. 

Written By Malaja Dior 


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