Everything You Need To Know About Cardi B’s Arrest !

Back in August Bronx rapper Cardi B got into an altercation involving 2 Angels Strip Club Bartenders. The brawl popped off because one of the bartenders was allegedly sleeping with Cardi B’s husband Atlanta rapper Offset of the rap trio Migos.

Apparently on the night of August 28,2018. While the Migos were set to appear & perform for Drake & The 3 Migos Tour official after party at Angels Night Club in Queens, NY. Cardi pulled up to the strip club & ordered a hit towards the bartenders. The bartenders have been identified as sisters Baddie Gi & Jade.

Allegedly, Jade was Offset’s jump off and Cardi B felt some type of way towards the sisters. After “Popping Up” on the Atlanta Rapper to at Angels, Cardi Allegedly spotted the two sisters at the bar. It was reported that Cardi B put a hit out on the two bartenders leading her camp to start throwing bottles & chairs at the sisters turning the fight into a brawl at the Queen’s nightclub. According to reports, the two girls suffered from major injuries but didn’t immediately seek medical attention. The girls sought out rapper Meek Mills lawyer & proceeded to press charges against the Bronx rapped Cardi B.


On Monday, October 1,2018 TMZ announced that Cardi B turned her self into authorities at 8:54am. Cardi had been officially arrested, which means she had been fingerprinted & had her mug shot taken. The Bronx rapper has charged with Two Misdemeanors, Assult, and Reckless Endangerment. Cardi is set October 29, 2018.

We will keep you guys up to date as the story develops more.

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Written By Malaja Dior



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