Pardison Fontaine Joins Forces With Cardi B For Newest Single “Backin It Up”

You may remember  Bronx rapper Pardison Fontaine from his close connection to fellow Bronx Rappstress Cardi B on her latest album “Invasion Of Privacy” & chart-topping singles “Bodak Yellow” & “Be Careful”. He also worked with raps wordplay magician  Kanye West on his recent album “YE”. 

The rapper teams back up with his fellow Bronx-mate Cardi B, on their latest single “Backin It Up”. This is Fontaine’s debut single since signing with Atlantic Records.

Cardi is seen in the visual switching up her looks a few times between Blonde, Black, & Red wig. Many fans have speculated that Cardi also might have been taking shots at rap rivalry Nicki Minaj with lyrics like “Why don’t you chill with the beef and get some chicken instead?” she raps. “Got the crown, shut it down / Had it hype up in the Six / Is she dead, let her lay / Won’t bring no life into this bitch.”

This is the first of many tracks coming from Pardison Fontaine, since signing to a major record label Atlantic Records. “It’s more of an introduction,” says Pardison. “I’m catching up fans who have known about me for a long time and introducing myself as an artist to new audiences.” Fontaine is set to drop his first EP since being signed later this year.

Written By Malaja Dior


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