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Nicki Minaj Reclaims Her Crown & Is Named Queen

The Queens native Nicki Minaj released her 4th studio album titled “QUEEN Friday, August 10,2018. After going on a social media hiatus earlier this year the Trinandian Born rapper locked in the studio & ripped out the album we’ve been waiting for. This project follows Pinkprint back in 2014.


QUEEN kicks off with “Ganja Burns“, this track solidifies that she has returned while Minaj begins to drops lines like, “all my power’s back, now I’m scary to zombies” on the rhythmic track, highlighting that she’s here to reclaim the throne. It’s a apparent theme on Queen, as other cuts like “Hard White” show Nicki sending subliminal messages like “I’m who they wishin’ to be / These hoes is on the ‘gram, Nicki pitchin’ the ki / ‘Bout to cop Neverland, Michael up in the tree / You got bars and still broke? You might as well took the plea” and “I ain’t ever have to strip to get the pole position”. It doesn’t take a rap expert to know who she’s referencing within those lines, but challenging her opponents, both real and theoretical, has been something Minaj been year after year.

Barbie Dreams” flips the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Dreams” with a lot of name dropping including Ex- Boyfriend Meek Mill, Drake, Dj Khaled leaving NO ONE UNTOUCHED. Of course, Nicki also reps for the pop culture  bringing Ariana Grande into “Bed” and The Weeknd on “Thought You Knew” while punctuating her rapping with singing on “Nip Tuck and “Come See About Me.

Minaj also tag-teamed alongside Foxy Brown for a 90s era mixed with an island on “Coco Chanel.” It’s not a surprise the two finally got a dope collaboration together considering the two continuously co-sign one anoher.  but the power of that cameo may fly over tumblr_pbvjgsi99L1wsdfuuo2_540younger generations head who aren’t familiar with the legendary lyrics of Brown or even the legacy of Biggie.  Minaj paid homage to Prodigy of Mobb Deep on “Hard White” may also slip under the radar, subtly proving that maybe Nicki didn’t release this album for the millennials.

Coming in a with trap beat on,  “Sir” with Future and “Chun Swae” with Swae Lee — as well as “LLC” and “Miami” — Minaj leaves no stone untouched in showcasing every one of her strengths including sly lyrics, versatility & caption worthy bars.

Nicki Minaj has been and will continue to be at the top of the rap game, yet in an age where someone new invades the kingdom, the predecessor an album like Queen is well needed. This isn’t a project to kill the competition since the island is now well-occupied. Queen exists to exemplify Nicki’s proven longevity & show that she isn’t putting down her crown just yet.


– Written By Malaja Dior


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