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King Combs Drops Well Anticipated Mixtape

The wait is finally over, Cristian “King Combs” Combs has released his debut mixtape “90’s Baby”. The tape features sounds from the hip-hop & R&B era. Which heavily influences the sounds of the New York rapper. 90’s Baby is a collection of King Combs’s first set of content to be released. The mixtapes take sounds from the East Coast & West


Coast to collaboratively blend the two & created 90’s Baby. 90’s Baby features members of CYN, a collective group composed of Combs and other young creatives from all walks of life.

“I am the epitome of a ’90s baby,” Combs told Hypebeast recently. “I have been greatly influenced by Bad Boy artists, but driven and inspired by my generation to be authentic.”

“90’s Baby” features 12 tracks including a Hip-Hop comedic skit. In addition,
the mixtape includes a single titled “Bad Boy Back,” sharing an insight on how the legacy of the 90’movement by Bad Boy will continue to live within the new millennial world of music. Combs takes a cool, calm and collective approach to his songs that takes the listener through a throwback ride of classic sounds with a youthful narrative.

List of Tracks on “90’s Baby”
• Track 1 – Shiznit featuring CYNkaica$h & RJ
• Track 2 – Bad Boy Back
• Track 3 – Still Good featuring SnL
• Track 4 – No Way Out• Track 5 – Smoove Shit featuring CYNshaq, CYNtrey & CYNneek
• Track 6 – Bad Girl featuring CYNtrey
• Track 7 – All Eyez on C
• Track 8 – Señorita featuring Puff Daddy
• Track 9 – Debarge Shit
• Track 10 – Aint Nothin featuring CYNtrey, CYNkaica$h & CYNshaq
• Track 11 – Do That featuring SnL
• Track 12 – Not Like Me

King Combs Social Media:
Instagram: @KingCombs
Twitter: @KingCombs

Listen To The Mixtape Here!

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