Cardi B Revals Her Baby Bump On SNL

WELL, ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME! Everyone’s favorite girl Cardi B‘s year just keeps getting better & better. Last night on Saturday Night Live, Cardi revealed that she is in fact Pregnant.  The speculations started back in December when the singer started to gain a little weight. Even more, rumors arose when Cardi asked to sit in a non-smoking section of a club during Grammy Weekend.

And Bardi Gang couldn’t be happier for the rapper.



Just when you thought Cardi was having a good 2018, Dropping her first official album. INVASION OF PRIVACY. Then her album hitting platinum just after 24 hours of being released. Signing to Quality Control Music. Now she’s having a Barti Baby.  The rapper is in happy that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Off-Set from Lawrenceville, Georgia rap group Migos. The two rappers got engaged just 5 months ago & shocked the world.

If Cardi wasn’t going hard before just imagine how hard Cardi is going to be going now that she’s bringing baby Bardi into the world.

#LKBApproved #LKBConnected

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