Brat Mail

4661c1e5461b29932c0911c20df7160c3045ed22Detroit’s very own Ka$h Doll, gave the fans something they have been waiting for. The rapper released her long-awaited mixtape Brat Mail. She features her acceptance speech from the B.E.T. Social Award for “Issa Wave”. The Detroit native told The Fader Magazine, “ I never really danced, I used to walk across the stage rapping songs, and they used to just throw me all the money.”

The Doll herself claimed her spot in the music industry after covering AV’s “Run Me My Money”, and her well-loved mixtape in 2015 “Keisha Vs Kashdoll”. In 2017 Kash released her chart-topping single “For Everybody” which brings you back to the Hype Willams film Belly.

The project feature Natasha Mosely & Scrilla. Kash Doll is known for Bossing Up & Making Moves, she continues to give us the vibes with her lyrics.

“Today is not only special because of my birthday, but it’s the day my father passed,mBrat Mail is a collection of songs I’ve teased on my socials that my Bratz( her fans) have been waiting for.”

Stream Brat Mail Now

#LKBApproved #LKBConnected

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