All You Need To Know About Rob & Blac Chyna

The past week we just got another glimpse of the infamous couple Rob & Chyna saga , after Rob exposing his former fiance for using him for his money just to get back at her ex-boyfriend , We here at Let’s Keep it a Buck thought we would give you the real tea on the couple & all of the things that led up to the couple’s downfall.

June 2014 – 

Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, & Blac Chyna (while still in a relationship with Rapper Tyga),  take a pole dancing class together, Chyna makes special Guest Appearance on Keeping Up With The Kardashians 

August 2014 – 

Blac Chyna & Tyga Split for good

Rumors soon start flying around that Kylie & Tyga are dating

April 2015- 

Chyna shades Kylie, during the Kylie Jenner Challenge, stirring up beef between the two females.

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December 2015 –

Rob is rushed to the Hospital for Diabetes

January 2016 – 

Blac Chyna & Rob announce that they are a couple Via Blac Chyna’s Instagram, (the post has since been deleted ).


Khloe kicked brother Rob Kardashian out of her out of her out because of public announcement that Rob & Chyna are officially a couple. Rob is forced to move in with Blac Chyna

February 2016 – 

Things are steaming up between the couple Rob gifts Chyna with a $35,000 portrait for Valentine’s Day. The beef between Chyna & Kylie Continues for both parties having a cooking show. Tyga weighs in on ex-girlfriend Chyna & alleged girlfriend (at the time) beef. Chyna’s mother Tokyo Toni goes on Instagram Rant about the Kardashian’s & Tyga

March 2016 

Kris expresses thoughts to Rob about dating Blac Chyna. Rob celebrates the birthday with the Kardashian clan Chyna did not attend but Tyga attended the family celebration.


Blac Chyna announces that she wanted to drop her stripper name Blac Chyna & get married to Rob Kardashian & become an Angela Renee Kardashian

April 2016 –

The beef between Blac Chyna & Kylie Jenner has been called quits & announced VIA Snapchat. Rob purchases Chyna a purple Lambo just because he wanted to. Rob also reveals that he is on a weight loss journey & he had recently lost 50 pounds.

The couple announces their engagement via Instagram, Tyga responds to the engagement Via Twitter.

Everybody deserves 2 be happy. What some1 does for their happiness is not my concern, as long as it’s not interfering wit my happiness” – Tyga

Tokyo uses Instagram to ban the Kardashian sisters from Chyna & Rob’s wedding but later sends her apologies to the family.

May 2016 – 

Rob buys Chyna 28 bouquets of roses for her birthday.


Chyna releases Chymojis, with a special emoji revealing that the pair is expecting their first child together.

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June 2016- 

Rob & Chyna announce their 6-hour docu-series title Rob & Chyna,   following their developing romance leading up the birth of their child on E!


July 2016 – 

Rob clears Instagram of Chyna which included un-following deleting all of their pictures together & sending the world in shock & speculating of a breakup. But later announced the couple will be taking a break from social media because it is putting stress on their relationship.


September 2016 – 

Chyna bares all while covering Fader Magazine for their September issue.

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November 2016 – 

The couple’s daughter Dream Kardashian is born

December 2016 – 

The couple set a wedding date to be in the summer of 2017. Days after setting the official wedding date Chyna leaves Rob taking everything including Baby Dream & all of the food, the Rampage was all caught via Rob Kardashian’s snapchat. 3 days after the Snapchat rampage Rob & Chyna are back together.


“I’m pretty upset and I’m pretty sad,” he said to his followers. “Because it’s about to be Christmas and I want to be with my baby.”  – Rob

February 2017 – 

Chyna spotted without the engagement ring.

March 2017 – 

Rob and Chyna attend therapy sessions for the sake of saving their family

April 2017 – 

Couple reunites , sending everybody in question being that the couple reunited on April 1st via cute snapchat videos.

June 2017

Couple spotted out for Robs first Father’s Day with Chyna Dream & King in Disney Land

July 2017 

Rob goes on huge rampage exposing Chyna for sleeping with multiple men over the past few months , releasing her nudes , text messages between the couple. Rob also exposing that he paid for her surgery after having their child Dream for everything to be right and tight. Rob also exposes Chyna for getting pregnant and having a baby just to get back at her ex-boyfriend Tyga.

** As Of July 7th, 2017: Blac Chyna is filing for a restraining order against Rob Kardashian & Filling for custody of their daughter Dream,

The Rob & Chyna Saga Continues……


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