A Long Awaited Engagement

Yesterday our favorite Ride Or Die Couple Keyshia Kaior & Gucci Mane have final gotten engaged. Our Girl has been holding Gucci down for the past 7 years. She’s holding him down through his murder charge, while he was in prison for regular visits all the way until his release back on September 20, 2016. Since then the two have had a high profile relationship. Gucci has even been accused of being cloned while in prison and she still stuck by his side.

Keyshia Kaior is known for her cosmetics & fitness line Ka’ior. Which we can personally say is wonderful. We are waiting for that sponsorship. Lol

Gucci is a well know rapper based out of Atlanta. He is known for his hustle and grinds flow. He has been in & out of gain for charges of gun possession, drug possession but recently was taken in for a murder charge in 2013. Keyshia stuck by his side through it all. Gucci was released to house arrest back in September.


Well, now we have a wedding to plan. During the Atlanta Hawks game yesterday the couple were caught on Kiss Cam and by surprise instead of getting that special public kiss Gucci whipped out a 15 Karat Diamond Ring in front of the whole stadium. Keyshia didn’t know anything about the engagement at all. After accepting the proposal the Hawks Mascot brought over a huge bouquet of roses for the future Mrs.Davis.


Author: IAmMalajaDior

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