A Long Awaited Engagement 👰🏽

Yesterday our favorite Ride Or Die Couple Keyshia Kaior & Gucci Mane have final gotten engaged. Our Girl has been holding Gucci down for the Past 7 years. She’s held him down through his murder charge , while he was in prison for regular visits all the way until his release back in September 20, 2016. Since then the two have had a high profile relationship. Gucci has even been accused of being cloned while in prison and she still stuck by his side.

Keyshia Kaior is known for her cosmetics & fitness line Ka’ior. Which we can personally say is wonderfully. We are waiting for that sponsorship. Lol

Gucci is a well know rapper based out of Atlanta. He is known for his hustle and grind flow. He has been in & out of gain for charges of gun possession , drug possession but recently was taken in for a murder charge in 2013. Keyshia stuck by his side through it all. Gucci was release to house arrest back in September.






Well now we have a wedding to plan. During the Atlanta Hawks game yesterday the couple were caught on Kiss Cam and by surprise instead of getting that special public kiss Gucci whipped out a 15 Karret Diamond Ring in front of the whole stadium. Keyshia didn’t know anything about the engagement at all. After accepting the proposal the Hawks Mascot brought over a huge bouquet of roses for the future Mrs.Davis.



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