Trouble in Paradise ! [UpDated]

This past week the Kardashian/ Jenner clan took Paris Fashion Week. In attendance were Kim Kardashian , Kourtney Kardashian, Kris Jenner , & Kendal Jenner. Of course you know we stayed up today with the family all over social media. Well today like no other day Kim Kardashiam was all over Snapchat instagram & twitter. 

Until somebody decided to take it a little bit to far. According to CNN & Press it seems to be that Kim K had gotten into an altercation with a gunman in her Paris Hotel. Kim’s reps are telling CNN that Kim was held at gunpoint by 5 armed masked men dressed as police officers in her Paris hotel room. The men threatened the hotel concierge in order to get into Kims rooom. Once in the room they taped her mouth shut tied her up & threw her in the bathtub as she pleaded for her life for the sake of North and Saint. She was not harmed but is pretty shaken up. There a statement that over 10 million dollars in jewelry has been stolen. Among the things stolen were her 14k gold grills , Kim’s engagement ring given to her by Kanye. (Pictured below). Reports have said that once the incident was over she took a private jet back to the states and is safe with her kids. Paris police department are under full investigation behind the incident. 

Once Kanye West had gotten the wind of the situation. That his wife was in danger, while he was in the middle of his set at The Meadows Festival in Queens, NY. He stopped the show it mid-song of “Heartless” telling the crowd there has been a “family emergency, I have to stop the show.” 

We have a copy of the video captured of Kanye his performance in Queens.  

This story is still underdevelopment and we will continue to update you as we continue to get reports of this horrific situation for the Kardashian – West Family. 


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