Rob & Chyna on E ! In Case You Missed It 

      In case you missed it : As Many of you may know Robert “Rob” Kardashian and Angela “Blac Chyna” White have just aired their new show Rob & Chyna. One their very first episode they revealed the sex of their baby and we are happy to say they are having a baby girl. Also packed with this episode we find out that both Chyna and Rob have trust issues due to their past relationships. Chyna also kicked Rob out because of an argument involving Rob accusing Chyna of cheating on Rob with other people but in reality it is really Rob who was ” texting other bitchs”. The following day Rob went to the with house with Flowers for Chyna which only resulted in Chyna in throwing the flowers over into her pool. After 24 hours of not talking to each other Chyna then went over to Rob house to work things out to find that he wasn’t home. After seeing that he wasn’t home she went over to Rob’s moms Kris Jenners house with her BFF Paige to see if he’s there. After finding out he wasn’t there Chyna sits down with Kris to talk to his mom and find out why Rob has been acting the way he has been acting in the relationship. The season premier ends with making the decision that they need some time apart from each other so he can work on his self , happiness and health. 

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