MVL Drops Debut Mixtape Music VS Love

As Summer comes to a blistering end with in the next few weeks, the highly anticipated Summer 2016 Mixtape has finally hit the Internet. Dynamic duo Vina Love & Mill Vill released their 1st ever mixtape Music Vs Love on Sunday July 31 , 2016 to kick off what we all like to call here in New York MVL SEASON. This is the season where the duo takes over the music game bringing the late 90’s early 2000 sounds back on scene. Releasing singles off of this mixtape such as “Best of Me” Summer of 2015 and “Ride or Die ” & ” Tell Me ” Fall & Winter of 2015 Begining of 2016 we couldn’t wait for this tape. Just 24 hours before even dropping the mixtape we had a taste of what was coming with their newest single “F.R.I.E.N.D” a remake of Mario & Biz Markie’ s  “Just A Friend”. This mixtape didn’t disappoint and worth the wait. Without giving to much away you can check out the mix tape for your selfs on Spirilla & Datpiff.

FRIEND by Vina Love & Mill Vill


Author: IAmMalajaDior

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